Master of War:  To Kill a King

The eighth gripping adventure in David Gilman's critically acclaimed Master of War series set in fourteenth-century Europe.

Bordeaux, 1367. Having angered the bloodthirsty Don Pedro, King of Castile, Sir Thomas Blackstone is thoroughly sick of his mission for the Prince of Wales, but must remain true to his oath.

But this is the Hundred Years' War, and tensions are rising once more. With the Prince of Wales deeply unpopular in his Aquitainian lands, Blackstone, King Edward's Master of War, must return to French soil to help stem the tide of support for the King of France.

Meanwhile, Henry, Blackstone's son, faces an incognito ride across France with his own motley band of outlaws and mercenaries. But the French are aware of the younger Blackstone's journey, and see a perfect way to target the Master of War…

Reviews for David Gilman

'A gripping ride' Wilbur Smith
'Gilman does heart pounding action superlatively' The Times
'A gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty' Robert Fabbri
'The level of suspense is ratcheted up to a truly brutal level' Sharon Penman 

Master of War:  To Kill a King Reviews

Master of War:  To Kill a King

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