Defiant Unto Death: new reviews

Hold tight, this is see-saw drama at its best.

Thomas may be a de facto Norman lord now but the combination of that and his English birth when there’s a paranoid French king in charge is a dangerous mixture. Then, David ramps it all up by adding the Savage Priest…
Alongside the incarnate evil there’s a love story (unslushy so fear not, Chaps!) as Thomas proves he will do anything for Christiana for as long as he’s able. There’s also some incredibly exciting action, battles so well invoked one can almost smell them and so many reasons why, when life tried to encourage me to put the book down, I resisted stridently. This is writing that twists around seldom seen hist-fict depth. By the end of both the book and the author’s wonderful historical notes we have a good idea of the destination of the next leg of our journey and I for one can’t wait to begin.

Ani Johnson – BookBag

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Defiant Unto Death: new reviews