Ice Claw (Kirkus Reviews)

Gilman introduced Max Gordon in The Devil’s Breath (2007), which sent this adventurous teen across Africa in pursuit of his missing father. This equally exciting sequel finds Max high in the Pyrenees Mountains, participating in an Xtreme sports event while his father is recuperating in England.

But life is never as simple as Max might like, and it isn’t long before he’s once again caught up in murder and intrigue, with just a touch of the supernatural to make it interesting. Entrusted with a cryptic clue by a strange monk whom he couldn’t save from plummeting off a mountain trail, Max needs to find answers before he is tracked down by the police for the monk’s murder. Max’s friends try to help but are brutally pushed aside by evil henchmen of a megalomaniacal James Bond–esque villain.

This is action-packed adventure at its best, with lots of relevant references for today’s teens, who will gobble it down. Look for a third book in the Danger Zone series to follow—Max still has questions at the end of this one.

(Thriller. 11 & up)

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Ice Claw (Kirkus Reviews)