Night Flight to Paris off to a flying start

Night Flight to Paris off to a flying start

Back from London where I was signing the new standalone novel ‘Night Flight to Paris’. There have already been some wonderful reviews. It’s a busy time because I also have the paperback edition of ‘Scourge of Wolves’ published this month as well.

Here’ are a few brief selections of reviews so far.

This standalone war thriller is magnificent. I couldn’t read it fast enough. Clever, complex, gripping, emotionally engaging, terrifying, and so much more.

Kate Atherton, For Winter Nights

What a book! The plot is complex, taut, tense, clever and emotionally resonant. Gilman’s writing is a joy to behold and creates such an atmospheric novel that simply buzzes with suspense. A bracingly intelligent story with non-stop action, perfectly paced with lots of misdirection - this is a stunningly authentic spy thriller set around the French Resistance. The narrative flows incredibly well, and you can tell that Gilman has undertaken meticulous research in order to make the book as realistic and believable as possible. You really care about Harry as a character, and naturally his mission doesn’t go to plan. I found myself hoping that everything would work out for him. What is abundantly clear is that noone can be trusted, and most people are not who they claim to be. The suspense is palpable throughout the story. An exquisite and exceptional read!

Lou via Net Galley

A wonderful World War 2 thriller set around the French resistance with an English agent sent to discover a German scientist with vital information and a traitor within the organisation. Paris is brilliantly described with a taut heart stopping plot keeping one on edge throughout. Moments of startling action along with tensions abundant make this an excellent yarn!

Wallace Leicester via Netgalley

Night Flight to Paris by David Gilman is a fantastic read. It is set mainly in Paris during the Second World War as the main character tries to find out what had happened to his wife and daughter whilst avoiding the German forces. The writing is strong and creates an authentic feeling of wartime Paris and not just the struggle for survival but the opposition to the Germans from the Resistance. The twists are plenty and the pacing is excellent. This book deserves to sell well. Thoroughly recommended.

Lee Carson via Netgalley/Amazon

What a fantastic book. I am a sucker for well written and researched second world war spy thrillers and this one is well up there with the best of this genre. Gilman is an excellent writer and he captures the atmosphere of war-torn Paris perfectly as well as the terror that lies just beneath the surface as he portrays a city where nobody is exactly who they pretend to be and death and betrayal are on every street corner. The book flows effortlessly and he knows how to tell a story as the reader is drawn in from the beginning. There are thrills and spills galore as well as the sensitive story of a man who has lost his family to the Germans and is prepared to do almost anything and risk all in order to find them. This book merits its 5-star review and is an exceptional read.

Greville Waterman via Netgalley/Goodreads

I enjoy 2nd world war stories and spy thrillers so this book appealed to me as it covered all bases…This is a well-researched book full of excitement and thrills. The awfulness of war time France and Paris is conveyed well, the ever present fear of betrayal to the Nazis as well as the requirement for ordinary people to perform extraordinarily brave acts. I couldn’t put this down and thoroughly recommend it to readers who enjoy this genre.

Annette Cobb, Librarian, via

Night Flight to Paris off to a flying start