Scourge of Wolves Book 5 in the Master of War series.

Scourge of Wolves Book 5 in the Master of War series.


Lovers of action-packed historical fiction can rejoice – the fifth instalment of David Gilman’s acclaimed MASTER OF WAR series is released in digital form by Head of Zeus today, just in time for Christmas, with the hardback set to follow in February 2018. Gilman’s series featuring Thomas Blackstone (English stonemason turned archer and knight) has received widespread praise, with Robert Fabbri (author of the Vespasianseries) describing it as ‘A gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty.’ Sharon Penman described Blackstone as ‘an incredibly appealing and sympathetic character’ and declared herself ‘bedazzled’.

SCOURGE OF WOLVES continues Blackstone’s story in the winter of 1361. After two decades of conflict, Edward III has finally agreed a treaty with the captive French King, John II. In return for his freedom, John has ceded vast tracts of territory to the English. But for five long years mercenary bands and belligerent lords have fought over the carcass of his kingdom. They will not give up their hard-won spoils to honour a defeated king's promises.

If the English want their prize, they'll have to fight for it.

As he battles to enforce Edward's claim, Thomas Blackstone will see his name blackened, his men slaughtered, his family hunted. He will be betrayed and, once again, he'll face the might of the French army on the field. But this time there will be no English army at his back. He'll face the French alone.

The MASTER OF WAR series has sold in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary, with MASTER OF WAR hitting #23 in the German Top 50 Bestseller charts. David’s riveting standalone novel THE LAST HORSEMAN, set during the Boer War, was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize 2017, with Smith commending the novel for being ‘A gripping ride through a memorable period of history.’

Praise for David Gilman’s MASTER OF WAR series

'The 100 Years' War is the new Rome for historical adventure novels.' – Ben Kane

'I'm totally bedazzled. I'd never thought that another writer could rival Bernard Cornwell when it came to dramatizing battles, but David is giving him a real run for his money. The battle scenes are so realistic it is almost like time-traveling, though definitely not for the faint of heart. Thomas is an incredibly appealing and sympathetic character. And the level of suspense is ratcheted up to a truly brutal level, for it is impossible for a reader to predict what will be coming next.' – Sharon Penman

‘His words strike like a bodkin point straight to the torso, the clangour of battle and the suspense of intrigue immersive and visceral, and all wrapped up in some of the most evocative prose that you will ever discover.’ — Ruadh Butler, author of the INVADER series

‘A thrilling, fast-moving, engaging tale, with unexpected twists, beautiful prose, excellent characterisation and dialogue, human sentiment and motivation, and graphic descriptions of war… Move over Bernard Cornwell. … Historical fiction at its best.’ – Historical Novel Society

‘Adjectives like action-packed, exciting and wonderfully researched are a given. Yet only the qualities of the work stay the same; the story is as fresh and shock-filled as each of its predecessors.... Do please treat yourself if you haven't read MASTER OF WAR by David Gilman or any of the series that came afterwards.’ – Ani Johnson, The Bookbag

‘Book Four in the MASTER OF WAR series and the bone-crunching intensity of this series shows no signs of abating. ... A truly excellent book and part of an excellent series.’ – Parmenion Books

 'The fourth novel in David Gilman’s powerful and uncompromising chronicle of the Hundred Years War … VIPER’S BLOOD is an exciting, bloody and well-written tale of Europe at a time of terrible crisis. ... A fine addition to a series that continues to bring these cruel years to life in such rich and meticulous detail.' – For Winter Nights

Scourge of Wolves Book 5 in the Master of War series.