Ice Claw - The Telegraph

Tremendous cliffhangery stuff, with the young hero facing believable jeopardy at every turn.

The Devil’s Breath - The Times (Books)

David Gilman’s debut, The Devil’s Breath, is a gung-ho eco-adventure… what Gilman does superlatively is heart-pounding action.

The Devil’s Breath - The Independent (Review)

David Gilman’s The Devil’s Breath takes no hostages… this fast-paced story never lets up.

The Devil’s Breath - The Telegraph

[Max] is a likeable hero who makes mistakes and understands he has a lot to learn. None of this, though, gets in the way of the action, which rolls out thick and fast.

The Devil’s Breath -  Aaron Merchant

The book was an excellent read and is perfect for the big issue at the present time – saving the planet!

The Devil’s Breath - Flipside Magazine

The action scenes in the blistering heat of the savannah are pretty convincing but it’s when the book turns to the exploits of Max’s mates… that things get extra interesting. This book is hot!

The Devil’s Breath - Pokemon World Review

The most exciting and unusual blockbuster adventure series for 8 – 14 year olds since Young Bond.

The Devil’s Breath - tBkmag

Watch out Alex Rider, Max Gordon’s on the scene!

The Devil’s Breath - Reading Zone

…a stunning adventure story

The Devil’s Breath - School Librarian Review

…he has written a story that is both captivating and well written. Once begun, like the mission, it must be completed!

The Devil’s Breath - Junior Magazine

The environmental slant is educative without being preachy.

The Devil’s Breath - Herald Express

The Devil’s Breath is a fast moving action-packed adventure story . . . you will be unable to put this thrilling adventure down.