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Benefit of the Doubt: Part 1

A Touch of Frost
Benefit of the Doubt: Part 1
Original Air Date: 14 January 2001 (Season 8, Episode 1)
Director: Roger Bamford
Production Company: ITV Productions
Cast: David Jason, Bruce Alexander, Robert Glenister, John Lyons

When a woman is found dead on a railway line, Jack Frost has his work cut out in trying to find out what happened, whilst also being teamed up with troubled D.S. Reid, handsomely played by Robert Glensiter. They both get off to a bad start though!

If that wasn’t bad enough, someone is out there impersonating Jack, and you can’t help but laugh at some of the things the phony gets up to. Even more comical is a scene in which a female ‘victim’ almost picks out the real Jack Frost in an I.D. parade!

Meanwhile, a rather pompous hospital doctor disappears. Is there any connection with this case and the woman’s death on the railway line?

Part one of Benefit of the Doubt ends with a shocking twist, which sure leaves Jack Frost overwhelmed, and the usual strong acting from David Jason makes it even more interesting.

Benefit of the Doubt was the second of three two-part specials, originally broadcast in January 2001.

Source IMDB.

Production stills kindly provided by ITV.