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Hidden Truth

A Touch of Frost
Hidden Truth
Original Air Date: 19 January 2003 (Season 10, Episode 1)
Director: Paul Harrison
Production Company: ITV Productions
Cast: David Jason, Bruce Alexander, Robert Glenister, John Lyons

Frost is protecting a drugs case witness and her son. But when a policewoman is shot, he has no choice but to move them into a safe house.

Robert Glenister returns as D.S. Terry Reid to help assist Jack, who has also lost his lottery ticket! But does he find it? A shocking twist to the story almost leads to murder, but when the main suspect has a solid alibi, everyone may have to look closer to home for the culprit…..

A thrilling episode, complete with the usual laughs and direct approach makes Hidden Truth another Frost gem.

Source IMDB.

Production stills kindly provided by ITV.