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Mistaken Identity: Part 2

A Touch of Frost
Mistaken Identity: Part 2
Original Air Date: 28 January 2002 (Season 9, Episode 2)
Director: Roger Bamford
Production Company: ITV Productions
Cast: David Jason, Bruce Alexander, Susan Penhaligon, John Lyons

The story continues for the hunt of the psychotic serial killer on the loose. In his difficult quest to nail the killer, Jack almost cuts corners a little too far, but soon comes to realise that Pam could hold the key to the man’s identity…

A young girl’s racehorse is put down, her mother is having an affair, and her father has something to hide. Why? Frost is on the case…

Mistaken Identity comes to a nail-biting conclusion, with a particular strong performance from actress Susan Penhaligon. Another enjoyable story in the Frost franchise, and is another firm favourite of mine.

Source IMDB.

Production stills kindly provided by ITV.