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Near Death Experience

A Touch of Frost
Near Death Experience
Original Air Date: 25 September 2005 (Season 12, Episode 1)
Director: Paul Harrison
Production Company: ITV Productions
Cast: David Jason, Bruce Alexander, John Lyons, Philip Jackson

A priest, Father Rose, is found covered in the blood of a murdered woman, the death bearing the hallmarks of a ritual killing, and Detective Sergeant ‘Razor’ Sharpe is drafted in to assist Frost, having investigated a similar death in his own area. The dead woman’s family feel that her ex-boyfriend is to blame but Frost believes the priest is more involved than he is letting on. A glamorous profiler joins the team and suggests that they are dealing with a serial killer. And she is right. At the same time Frost feels responsible for the loyal George Toolan being hospitalized with severe injuries after falling from a high building whilst helping him prevent a suicide.

Source IMDB.

Production stills kindly provided by ITV.